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Unfortunately, during the last century, some phenomenon have occured. If not appropriately treated, they will expose at-risk of serious damages a great number of cultural goods. Amongst these:

  • entry into the atmosphere of different gas combinations which are harmful to the environment
  • modern means transport, which have fostered mass tourism but also a consequent increase of bacterial aggressions
  • typical drop in temperature

ECOGEN, can be seen as an autonomous division of Isolcell Italia S.p.A. - leading company in the development, building and installation of controlled atmosphere plants - which has decided to apply its long professional experience as well as its solid technological know-how to the sector of cultural goods.
In this kind of installations, in fact, natural atmospheric parameters are modified and afterwards kept within fixed limits. If applied to the sector of cultural goods, this technology allows to realize treatments for the disinfestation of historic and artistic goods. This method is absolutely environmentally friendly and non-invasive. In the sector of museum technique it also allows the climatic control of all expositive showcases as well as the planning and realization of controlled atmosphere museum showcases in order to guarantee a perfect  preservation of artefacts.
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